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Established 1978

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American Biologics is a privately owned, entrepreneurial company that is committed to delivering quality, science-based nutritional supplements.  Founded in 1978, the company prides itself of its professional staff and the fact that medical and nutritional specialists worldwide have come to rely on the American Biologics products for over three decades.

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American Biologics
1180 Walnut Avenue
Chula Vista (San Diego), California 91911 USA
Office:   619-429-8200
Fax:       619-429-8004
Executive Offices Fax: 619-429-9828



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American Biologics
1180 Walnut Ave.
Chula Vista (San Diego), California 91911

1 (619) 429-8200
1 (800) 227-4473
1 (619) 429-8004